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Møretyri Terrace oil is the best and safest treatment for terraces, railings and garden furniture.

Unique features:

  • Easy application without shields
  • Extremely durable
  • Bright color pigments that withstand the sun
  • Correct consistency for good absorption
  • Good enough volume (enough dry matter) to saturate the pores in the wood
  • Diffusion open

Areas of use:

  • All types of patio tables including royal impregnated
  • Railings and table top
  • Garden furniture

Consumption: 4-6m2/L

Recommended maintenance interval: 3-6 years

Drying time: 1-2 days


ATTENTION! The color samples are shown on new material. Older material always gives a darker colour. Feel free to order a sample first if you are unsure.

Color KLAR is not completely colourless, but a faint brown colour.

Maintenance of patio floors and garden furniture made of solid wood is the most demanding challenge we face when it comes to external protection. Constant alternation between rain, sun, foliage with fungal spores and a winter under the snow places extremely high demands on the treatment of such surfaces.

Møretyri Terrasse oil is composed of wood tar, linseed oil and vegetable turpentine, with added luminous pigments and fungicides to withstand these stresses as well as possible.


  1. Apply the oil with a brush, roller or spray
  2. Let the oil soak for approx. 1 hour, maximum 2 hours as excess oil will start to dry and become tough.
  3. Wipe off excess oil with a rag or mop.
  4. Oil-soaked rags are burned or placed in water after use due to self-ignition hazard!

The oil absorbs into the wood and protects from the inside. It does not form a film and is therefore open to diffusion, which means that you are guaranteed to avoid problems with flaking, due to that the moisture in the wood always escapes through the top surface.

For a new CU-impregnated terrace, we recommend that it be left for a few months before treatment, so that the green color comes out as much as possible, and the terrace dries well. It may well lie for a whole year before treatment.

We initially recommend two coats, with a few months. to a year’s time between, to saturate the wood well.

If you wash the terrace before oiling, you keep it as light as possible.

Further maintenance is to run over the terrace with an oil-soaked rag to refresh the glow of the color when it is gradually dulled by weather and wind. This can have intervals of several years depending on the surrounding conditions.

After rainy weather, the terrace should be allowed to dry for a couple of days before oiling.

Contact us by phone or email for special colors and other questions.